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Comtemplating the book of editor who headed to Ergune Gun

The questions of whoserekt3 descendant of what lineage am I and from where did my ancestors originate are the most intriguing and blessing ones among the myriad issues we face in our lives. A human lining that constantly entertains their mind by discerning quests and queries into the nature of a plethora of different issues and subjects, inflicting themselves either pain or pleasure. It is the essence of life and just a part of the meaning of life. As Mongols, a nation of pride, that has such a rich history of thousands of years and which once was the center of the world, we do have countless to clarify and make heads and tails of B.Rinchen, a renowned scholar and enlightener of the 20th century Mongolia once stated that ‘Asia is considered to be the cradle continent of ancient civilization, where the land of Mongolia is crammed with monuments and remains of those ancient civilizations. Observing the home bases of Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras, weapons and tools of Copper, Bronze and iron Ages, thousands of tombs and grave mounds, petroglyph, ruins of ancient magnificent cities, for­tresses, castles, ramparts, towers and remains of Middle Age cities, it’s proofless what certain Western scholars consider that Mongolia was just a land of nomads from far ancient times.

A modern Mongolian scholar G.Akim is the man who lights the flint of intuition for the sake great deed to track and trace the origin of the Mongols, by diligently exploring evidences of any information related to the Mongolian history, historiography, language and culture, meticulously searching, solving particular puzzled questions, proposing scientific hypotheses and providing certain proofs. When G.Akim headed a popular newspaper ‘ll Tovchoo’ (‘Revealed Chronicle’) of a team, small in size yet addressing a broad range of subjects in early 1990s, I served as his ‘soldier’. Besides leading the editorial policy of this prominent newspaper with most number of readers in the most remarkable period of contemporary Mongolian history, he translated the ‘Shambhala’ by Nicolas Ro­om h, which was a great source of pride for us, his ‘soldiers’. By that time, our editor-in-chief G.Akim was already widely recognized with his translation of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Gar­cia Marquez and was renowned with his articles of lyrical vocabulary, sharp and righteous justice and unique and striking aspects. I honor him as my ‘Editor’ with deep respect, and am a standing fan of his mesmerizing works, his arduous and invincible nature and meritorious values. It is a great honor for me to have worked with him, who always risks his neck with his efforts to solve the most complicated and challenging questions and who’s enlightened in wisdom and knowledge.

This work offered to you, dear Reader, attracts attention both in theme and context. For us, who grew up listening to the myth of Burte Qino and Qoa Maral (Blue Wolf and Beige Doe) and wondering about why a wolf and a doe would happen to become our predecessors, the hypothesis proposed by G.Akim does seem to be realistic and trustworthy. This research work is valuable and precious for it’s not a comparative study analyzed through readings of the former studies of researchers, but for the very fact that it is a story written based on his own travel and research observations, experiences, con­templations and feelings. But why has any other researcher not followed this mythical trail, ascending along this path in search for proof? It’s said that everything has its time and owner. The sciences have approved that the myths and legends are the evidences of real and fact-based events. And as G.Akim noted “the fantasy and imagination of the Mongols have no boundary”, his mind and intuition know no closure. Symbolism, myths, legends, intuition, academic freedom of thinking, guesses, hypotheses, history and evidence and proofs are all here. Let the wise mind of Yours, dear Reader, know how to discover them. It’s only left to wait for our ‘Editor’ what other nectars of wisdom and knowledge he’d offer us as we head into the future.

E.Sonintogos /Ph.D. in Linguistivs

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