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On the secret virtues of symbolical culture

The autrekt4hor of this book is Hatagin Go. Akim who follows in footsteps of our respectable scholars. The book, titled “The Mystery of the Left Hand Swastika, and the Origins of Genghis Khan’s Emblem,” was published soon after his earlier book, “Mountains Reciting Epos”, another delight to the mind of readers. These books that enable a wide range of readers to find out and realize the reason and meaning of the universe, are the evidence of author’s mission is being accomplished. It is most gratifying to read about how Akim revealed secret virtues of the symbolical culture of his homeland, where even geographical names symbolize precious natural resources, and mountains and stones eternally preserve Mongolia’s history and cultural heritage.

This book confirms the truthfulness of such Mongolian proverbs as “Travelling dog will find the bones” and “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” The life and deeds of Akim are based on this philosophy, for he discovered the essence and meaning of the left hand swastika by means of rigorous search, and by comparing his ideas with the views of other researchers. The success of his efforts confirms the validity of the old proverb: “Seek and you shall find.” His conclusion has much in common with a statement made by the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras: “Like the rays of the sun, all teachings are of a single common origin.”

In this book, Akim thoroughly analyzed the left hand swastika as a symbol of existence, traced its meaning, and by examining its figures and forms on ancient petroglyph or rock-carvings, and historiographically, he revealed the occasional inaccuracies in the chronological estimates made by earlier researchers.

In this foreword, I would like to wish further success to my teacher Akim, who solved many problems both in historical research and in everyday life, who settled disputes and experimented with many interesting ideas, and who has tirelessly doing research on the mysteries of the left hand swastika.

Dr. L. Batchuluun

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