Books Published in Mongolian Script in China

  1. The Dog of Heaven. 2008. Transliterated by Hurts.  Khuh khot, 2002.
  2. A Dictionary of Mongolian Idoms. 1984. Transliterated by Baatar, Khishigduuren, Buyantu.
  3. In Labortory of Translators. A guide book on the theory of translation. Magazine “Mongol hel bichig” /”Mongolian language”/
  4. Gabriel Garcia Marqous. Kolumbian Writer, Nobel Prise Winner. One Hundred Years of Solitud. 1989. Magazine “Delhiin utga zohiol” /”Literature of World”/ N 1-4. 1990.
  5. Chingiz Aitmatov. Scaffold. Kirghizian writer, State Prise Winner of USSR. Transliterated by Biligbaatar. 1989.
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