Books and Essays in Foreign Languages

  1. The Dog of Heaven. It is book about truths and legends of blue Mongoia’s  blue wolf. 2008. Translated from Mongolian into English by Dashdavaa, Ming Holden. 1999, 2007.
  2. What Vitness the Bones Excavated from Khambyn Ovoo . Translated by Dashdavaa.
  3. Unbroken jewel-Byambyn Rinchen. Translated into Japanese and annotated by Kazuyuki OKADA(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). Magazine “Bulletin of the Japan Association for Mongolian Studies”, No 20(1989).
  4. Realizer of the Image That Reached the Limit of Grace. Portrait of Purevbat, the Buddhist  Artist.  In English, Russian & Chinese. Magazine “Sunny Mongolia Today”, 2009.
  5. The Secret of Living or the Bodhi Doctor’s Taking Pulse to Make Diagnoses of “Odi” Hospital. Portrait of Baatar, the doctor of traditional medicine of Mongolia who heals the canser. In English & Chinese. Magazine “Sunny Mongolia Today”. 2010.
  6. …and others.
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