Books written

  1. “Fate of Victims” 1999. In this book he recounted about fates of members of so called “Anti MPRP group” who succumbed to MPRP persecution in 1960-s.
  2. “Executed People”. 2002. In this book the author based on documents revealed how saints Yeguzer khutagtu and Manzushri khutagtu were framed as anti-revolutionists and executed, how scientist, writer Rinchen, Minister Avarzed and poet Choinom executed causing their unavoidable death.
  3. The Dog of Heaven. It is book about truths and legends of blue Mongoia’s  blue wolf. 2008. Translated from Mongolian by Dashdavaa, Ming Holden.
  4. Only Genghis Khan on Eath or Sitting Pretty of Blue Mongols. World Outlook of Genghis Khan.
  5. What witness the Bones Excavated from Khambyn Ovoo . In this book the author related how police of MPRP have been accused of a complain of genocide against Mongolian lamas(monks) and how he have been framed the them as anti-revolutionist and spy of Japan and executed. Translated into English by Dashdavaa. In Mongolian and English.
  6. A Dictionary of Mongolian Idioms. First Edition,1982, Second Edition,1999.
  7. A Dictionary of Mongolian Proverbs. 2001.
  8. Pearl Rosary of Wisdom. /Concise Dictionary of English-Mongolian and Mongolian-English Proverbs/ 1995.
  9. On the Way of Genghis Khan. Photo-album of the native land of Genghis khan and of places where he waged the war to unite Mongolian clans. With a commentary.  2006.
  10. Wisdom of Genghis Khan. 1999.
  11. English-Mongolian & Mongolian-English Dictionory of Buddhist Terminolgy. 2003.
  12. Mountain Worshiped in Heart or Thirteen Stones Offered to Thirteen Cairns of Hatagin clan. 2003.
  13. Concise Dictionary of Mongoian-Russian & Russian-Mongolian Idioms. 1983.
  14. In Laboratory of Translators. A guide book on the theory of translation. 1984.
  15. The Philosophy of Broken Solid that Restores to Eternal.
  16. …and others.
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