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akimH.F.Hegel, the great philosopher admired by all mankind, once itited, “The history of mankind begins with the Mongols. They are a nation who for the first time in the history founded Rechtsstaaf. BOO years ago, the Mongols became united under the ideas and theoretical aesthetics of their Emperor Genghis Khan, who founded IIu: most powerful empire in world history and opened the great door of civilization to Asia and Europe. After Genghis Khan’s Empire, world history resumed its fickle character and the Mongols experienced periods of rise and decline.

Today, although Mongolia is included in the ranks of independent, democratic countries and is on the threshold of success, Mongolian society is beset by widespread poverty, crises in all forms of public life, and a decline in moral leadership. There are many different reasons for these problems, but they are all bound to one single entity. The state, at the center, is responsible for the protection of the country’s common interests and its path to development.

In the “Biography of Genghis Khan”, the founder of Mongolian statehood intended the Mongolian State to exist for centuries without decline. Read more…


What Vitniss the Bones Excavated from Khambyn Ovoo

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What witness the Bones Excavated from Khambyn Ovoo

What Vitniss the Bones Excavated from Khambyn Ovoo. In this book the author related how police of MPRP have been accused of a complain of genocide against Mongolian lamas(monks) and how he have been framed the them as anti-revolutionist and spy of Japan and executed. Translated into English by Dashdavaa. In Mongolian and English.

In 1995 G.Akim based evidences wrote an article “Mongolian Revolutionary Party is a party which send people for meat supply” about repression of innocent peaple by MPRP(Communist Party) from 1921 to 1990 by inprisonment and execution of priests by shooting and mass execution of descendents of golden line of Genghis khaan/nobilities/.
For it MPRP in pretext of rehabilitation of its disgraced name by court clamed to pay 83 million Togrog by exchange rate of that time equivalent to 81 thousand USD. Also in “Il Tovchoo” newspaper he published a information about order of MPRP given to General Intellegent Department during 1994 election compaign secretly to spy on leaders of Democratic party and how CID spied on them and informed to MPRP. Therefor GID for “giving away state secret” planned # years inprisonment suit and published about it in newspapers. Still today judicial organs(procurator) frame up suits trying to inprision him.