Writers and researchers about the author

  1. D. Batbayar. Writer, State Prize Winner of Mongolia. The Grandeur of the Endless Steppe. Preface of the book  ‘Mountain Worshiped in Heart or Thirteen Stones Offered to Thirteen Cairns of Hatagin clan”.
  2. D. Purevdorj. Poet, State Prize Winner, People’s Writer. A book of Revelation. Preamble of the book “The Dog of Heaven”.
  3. H. Munhbayar. Biologist, Scientific Doctor. Not only Bestseller… Preamble of the book “The Dog of Heaven”.
  4. G. Mend-Ooyo. Poet, Honored Fellow of Culture of Mongolia. The Shastra of Blue Mongolia’s Blue Wolf.
  5. D.Bolormaa. Researcher of the Institute of Language and Literature. The Steadfast Fighter for Human Right and Freedom and the Public Figure. The Famous Translators of Mongolia. 2005.
  6. The Bayan-munh. Jounalist. The Great Khan’s Saga Created by the Lucky Opportunity.
  7. D. Biyambasuren. Ex-Prime Minister of Mongolia. I Want to Present with Khadak* to thise Shastra of Thought about the State. Preamble of the book “Only Genghis Khan on Eath or Sitting Pretty of Blue Mongols”. World Outlook of Genghis Khan.
  8. Jiang Rong. Chinese writer, author of the novel “Wolf Totem”, Winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize-2007. How I Followed the Cultural trace of “Wolf Totem” with Ano.
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